What a wonderful gesture and kind words nine months after a performance at The Magic Circle in London, receiving this email from Minnesota, US


Hello Roberto –

Last November, a group of five friends and I spent a wonderful holiday in London. I have been interested in magic and mentalism most of my life, and the six of us partook of an evening of close-up magic and mentalism at the Magic Circle; your performance was especially strong, and capped our evening perfectly.
I’m writing to tell you that the same group spent an excellent weekend recently at another friend’s lake home with our extended ‘family’, and that one evening we reminisced about our adventures in London. Without any prompting from me, the others began chattering on about how marvelous your performance was, and how they’re still trying to work out your methods. Clearly, you were a hit! If I ever thought folks were talking about me nine months after a gig, I know I’d want to know about it – so now you know that, yes, folks are still talking about your performance nine months later. Congratulations on leaving a deep impression on your audience; for myself, I will long remember how well you treated the volunteers who assisted you – a skill sadly lacking among magicians at large.
I hope this note finds you in good health, and I hope the world is providing you with plenty of work.
Jerry Martin
Minnesota, USA