Thank you so much for booking your magic/mind-reading virtual show with Roberto Forzoni. In order to offer the best experience, we recommended a few simple guidelines below.

Our show is family-friendly so do not hesitate to invite everyone!

Update your zoom. Please ensure your friends and colleagues are using the latest version of Zoom on the device they are using for the show.

Use a large screen: The larger the screen used to watch the show, the more you will see, so we advise not using a mobile phone although iPads (or similar are fine). Some people connect their device to a TV screen, which can help improve viewing for the whole family.

Have a second device handy: if you have a second device that you can access during the show, this could be helpful if you would like to interact or personally experience some of the effects. Roberto will occasionally ask you to access this device to view a website such as YouTube or Google, to search for something personal to you. A mobile phone is fine for this – an iPad (or similar would be ideal).

Have a deck of cards: Have a deck of cards handy and perhaps a surface/tabletop on which to lay cards out. Some of the show will involve audience participation, and there is a lovely element of surprise when you shuffle your deck of cards in your hands only to reveal that you’ve been influenced to put them in a particular order!

A glass & three coins: One effect involves using three coins and a glass. It would be handy if you had a £1, 50p and 20p to hand, along with a glass in which to place the coins. One family/ couple will be randomly chosen to get involved with this experience.

Confirm who’s coming!: It would be useful to email a list of the people you have invited to the show. A list of names and where there are families let us know who is watching together; this can help to select and chat to people. email

Be Visual. On Zoom, it’s challenging to gauge responses so don’t be afraid of using your hands more than usual to demonstrate your expressions to others! It all adds to the fun!

Enjoy the show.

Note; Whilst the show is suitable for all ages, this is not a children’s show. We recommend over 16’s as the ideal audience although over 12’s and up should have fun too!