Wedding magician

Your wedding is one of the most special days you will have and you will want it to be memorable also for your family, friends and guests. In my experience, adding a touch of magic to your special day will help make it that little more fun, that little more astounding and that little more memorable for you and your guests.

Roberto Forzoni –
the perfect wedding Magician

Planning a wedding, whether it’s your own or for a close friend or client, can feel overwhelming. With numerous details to consider, you strive to create a memorable day that will be cherished for all the right reasons. After booking the venue, arranging the menu, and selecting the perfect outfits, you naturally want to ensure your guests have an unforgettable experience. This is where magic can play a significant role in making your day run smoothly and adding an extra touch of excitement.

Magic can contribute in several ways to enhance your wedding experience. It serves as a captivating form of entertainment that will leave your guests amazed and delighted. A professional magician can engage and interact with attendees, creating a memorable and enjoyable atmosphere, including the following times:

  • Welcoming guests
  • Drinks reception
  • During photographs
  • Wedding breakfast or dinner
  • Evening reception

Magic for reception drinks and wedding photographs

An ideal time to use Roberto is that period after the ceremony, and whilst photographs are being taken. Magic provides a fantastic icebreaker fostering connections among guests. It serves as a conversation starter, encouraging interaction and camaraderie among attendees who may be meeting for the first time.

A skilled magician can help with the logistics of your wedding day. They can seamlessly transition between different parts of the event, entertaining guests during lulls or while waiting for key moments, ensuring that the flow of the day remains engaging and enjoyable for everyone.

Wedding breakfast table magic

Helping to avoid that potentially quiet period waiting for a table to be served, between courses, during coffee and after dinner and speeches, Roberto will visit each table and perform to small groups with a unique blend of quite astonishing magic. There will be talking points, photo opportunities of magic and general jaw dropping moments.


Evening Reception Magic

Always a fun period, particularly when ‘day’ guests pull new arrivals over to the magician for another demonstration of mind reading and magic; here Roberto can again help welcome new guests ensuring a warm welcome that will be remembered for a very long time.


I will read your mind

I’ve studied psychology and human behaviour all my life and am fascinated by how our minds work. Fusing this passion with my passion for magic, I will demonstrate quite incredible feats which will leave you and your guests mesmerised, astounded and amused.

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