Close-up magician

Roberto’s unique blend of magic and mind-reading
make him one of the most sought after close up magicians in the Country.
Magic is having one of those resurgent moments with loads of magic on TV. However, to experience magic and that sensation of complete awe and astonishment, you really have to be there.
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Roberto Forzoni, Close-Up magician extraordinaire

Close up magic is intimate. Up close and personal…and it can create moments of real astonishment, right before your eyes.

Rpberto Forzoni is a member of The Magic Circle and a regular choice as a close-up magician in London’s most popular venues. His experience of working with people and building strong rapport will help you add a real sense of astonishment and memories for your event.

Catch Roberto performing close up magic all around London/ Check the ‘where to see him live’ page on teh website – Roberto regularly performs his unique brand of close up magic and mind reading at the World famous Magic CIrcle in Lond’s West End. Why not come along and see for yourself?


Magic for London and
the South East

Close-Up magic is a beautiful form of the art and as part of The Magic Circle Close-Up Team performing regularly on the Magic Circle evenings, and also with Chris Wood’s highly successful Close-Up Magic events at many of London’s best theatres, Roberto Forzoni will amaze you.
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In your hands

I will read your mind

I’ve studied psychology and human behaviour all my life and am fascinated by how our minds work. Fusing this passion with my passion for magic, I will demonstrate quite incredible feats which will leave you and your guests mesmerised, astounded and amused.
Roberto Mind Reader

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