In these strange times in which we find ourselves, a little astonishment and amazement are always welcome. Enjoy a fun-filled shared experience with your friends or work colleagues with this extraordinary virtual magic show. Suitable for over 16’s. This contemporary magic and mind-reading experience will leave a long-lasting impression on whether you are in control of your own mind!

A 50-50 Choice

Take an object and place it in any hand. How obvious is your choice?

A step further – choices in pairs

Make a selection on three coins

“Through a process of elimination of 51 cards, a random card will be selected. One person will decide on red or black cards, a second on the suit and a third person will decide on odds or evens. The final person will eliminate 3 cards (odds or evens) to be left with one random card. A card that could only have been selected if all 4 people had been influenced.d The last card remaining will be the three of clubs. But that was inevitable


How many articles are there on Wikipedia? How many words in each article? The answer changes every day as more and more articles are added. Check today’s stats below:


If you had to select a film would you be predictable? Would your closest friends know what you would choose? Would a total stranger know? Why are our choices more predictable than we might expect? Why are our decisions rarely as random as we might imagine? Let’s explore….


You make the choice om a film, song or name. Choose by clicking the tab below:

The coin conclusion:

I will be holding the £1 coin, you will have the 50p and the 20p coin will be in the glass!