Unveiling the Enigmatic

A Journey Through Mindreading’s Illustrious Past

Dive into an enthralling expedition through the enigmatic world of mind reading, uncovering the lives of true pioneers in this extraordinary field. This series of articles delves deep into the captivating stories of individuals who shaped the landscape of mind reading from the late 1800s to the early 1900s.

From tales of corruption and elaborate scams to the rise of spiritualism and the intricacies of fakery, this exploration will grip you. Step into a realm where entertainment meets worldwide fame, as mind readers of yesteryears paved the way for an era characterized by spiritualism, séances, and astonishing displays of mind-reading abilities.

Journey alongside the captivating narratives of Alexander, renowned as “the Man Who Knows,” Anna Eva Fay, Theodore Annemann, and Gene Denis. Discover the extraordinary feats that propelled them into the annals of mind-reading history. Traverse into the next generation featuring luminaries like Dunninger, Maurice Fogel, Al Koran, and Corinda, each story poised to astound you.

These accounts offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of mediums and psychics today, contrasting their claims of delving into minds and communicating with the departed against the backdrop of historical truths. Prepare to unravel the mystique and wonder surrounding these mind readers, shedding light on the reality behind their seemingly supernatural abilities.

Drawing upon historical records, documented performances, and extensive research, join us on an expedition that separates fact from fiction, illuminating the captivating legacy of these mind-reading pioneers.


Alexander, The Man Who Knows – story surrounded by intrigue, controversy and a mixture of fact and fiction.

Al Koran

At the height of his career his talents took him all over the world, billed as ‘The Fantastic Koran – the Worlds’ Greatest Mind Reader’.

Anna Eva Fay

One of the most successful mediums and stage mentalists of the 20th century, with the ability to make people believe she could tap into the spirit world.

Theodore Annemann

One of the most respected mind readers the world has ever seen; a prolific writer and inventor (or re-inventor) of creative, practical and direct mentalism effects.

Chan Canasta

Chan Canasta is one of the most influential mind readers we have seen. His relaxed personality and ability to strike a strong rapport with, and utterly amaze his audiences, led him to huge success.

Tony Corinda

In terms of magic history and recognition, and particularly amongst the mentalist communities, there are some names that always appear to come to the fore – Fogel, Annemann, Dunninger and perhaps none more so than that of Corinda.

Joseph Dunninger

The Master Mentalist, ranks as one of the premier mind readers in American show business history. His remarkable career spanned over a 70-year period from 1899 to 1971.

Maurice Fogel

A giant amongst mentalist. He combined talent, ingenuity and showmanship, alongside a keen interest in the psychology of human behaviour and a dedication to the continual improvement to his craft.

Gene Dennis

Gene Dennis – The Wonder Girl.
Alongside Joseph Dunninger, she was America’s best-known psychic performer of the 1920s and 1930s and was one of the most talked about stars of that era.