7 reasons to add some Magic to your next event

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1.Bringing some wonder to your event
Certainly good magic has a positive effect on people. It can bring back feelings of wonder and astonishment. People go back to feelings of childhood and lose their inhibitions quickly.

2.Breaking the ice
At many events, the first people to arrive could feel a little awkward, especially if other early birds are unknown to the, Bring a top magician into the equation and these early arrivals now feel a sense of privilege because they have something to watch and chat about, in groups with which they might not have mixed otherwise. Many times Roberto has had guests saying they were so pleased they arrived early because they received special treatment!

3.Getting people talking
There’s nothing quite like that chatter going through an event along the lines of “Have you seen that great magician!” Word spreads quickly ad within no time everyone wants to witness the unbelievable. Top London magician Roberto Forzoni will get your guests talking…for the right reasons. What do your guests talk to you about after your event?

4.Creating memories
Good magic will last a lifetime. Roberto often comes across adult clients who saw him perform in their early teens and fondly recount how the magic made them feel. Not many guests remember the food, band or venue, yet the magic lasts a lifetime. What have you got at your event that will last a lifetime for your guests.

5.Audience participation
Much of the close-up magic Roberto performs involves guests interacting with each other. His show and parlour type events with small groups offer the same guest interaction and participation. Nothing brings people together in such an extraordinary way, as does some fun, astonishing magic and mind reading.

6.Those awkward moments
Many events have short periods that could be a little awkward for guests. At weddings there are the photographs or delays for bride and groom to arrive at the venue; where meals are being served there may be delays between courses or even starting. The event organiser could get called away unexpectedly to deal with as situation, leaving guests wondering what’s happening, and so on. A close-up magician or mind-reader mixing and mingling can help turn these awkward situations into memorable ones, for the right reasons. At a recent wedding in Portugal guests were left stranded for 30 minutes on a roundabout whilst coaches were changed to access the venue drive, startled guests were saved with a little magic that had them talking for months; when flights were delayed whilst working with the England U17’s, magic came to the rescue, and with teams like West Ham, Brighton and Norwich, magic helped with those evenings in hotels before a big match even at the US Open with Andy Murray, magic at the meal table the evening before a big match was the ideal preparation to help relax and have some fun.

7.You get all the praise!
Another pleasurable outcome of booking excellent magic and top magician is that people will thank you! What a wonderful gift to give people at your event

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