Frequently asked questions

There are a number of questions clients have asked over the years, particularly those that have not booked an experienced and professional magician before. Here to help are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Roberto is a member of the Magic Circle and specialises in a contemporary mix of magic, which has a highly psychological basis that allows for some quite extraordinary feats of mind-reading. He has performed to International audiences and is regular performer at public close-up events at the Magic Circle, where he has also lectured to members of the Young Magicians Society. He has won numerous awards for his magic including stage and close-up competitions. He has been performing magic for over 30 years.

Roberto is also one of the world’s leading sport psychologists and has worked with some of the worlds leading athletes, teams and managers. His training as a psychologist only enhances his ability to read people’s minds and his understanding of the powers of human behaviour, influence and persuasion help enhance his magic and showmanship. He often lectures at the countries top Universities on psychology. We would also recommend asking some of our clients for references and would be happy to pass contact details onto you at your request.

A mixture of contemporary adult magic, which focuses on mind-reading and psychological illusion and contains elements of classic magic (including floating rings, vanishing notes which end up in surprising places, the Cups & Balls etc.) and other spectacular effects.
Yes. Roberto is an active member of the Magic Circle, attending most weeks; he is often asked to work on the highly successful close-up evenings and is a popular lecturer to the Young Magicians Society, where he will teach some of the country’s best young talent on the art of Mind-reading and Mentalism. He also recently stood on The Magic Circle Council for a year.
Roberto performs at events where the organisers want their guests to remember an amazing experience; these include corporate and private functions such as parties, weddings, dinners, balls and other special occasions. If there are a very large number (>100) of guests planned, he will recommend other top quality professional magicians to help cover all the bases.
ensure you are considering the best mind-reader for your age group and occasion, and also to ensure the magic and mind reading is delivered in the best way to make your event even more astounding, amazing and memorable for your guests
Cost is based on a number of factors including the type of performance required (stage or close-up), location (national or international) the duration of the performance and guest numbers.
It’s incredibly easy; simply call 07956 263348 or send an email to to check availability. We will get back to you within 24hrs. It would be helpful if you have some basic information ready such as the date or possible dates required, location, approximate guest numbers, what type of performance option you’d like (close-up, parlour or stage) and the type of event or occasion (private party, corporate event, wedding etc.). We will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible and certainly within 48hrs.

We then suggest how best to utilise Roberto’s performance to maximum effect and give you a price for the event. If you are happy with everything we can pencil the date, effectively holding the date (subject to a deposit being paid). A booking form will be sent to you and if you decide to go ahead with the booking, we finalise the details and make sure everything is to your requirements. Then a contract will be sent out to you, which needs to be signed & returned, once the signed contract is received by us, along with a deposit, the booking process complete. A few days before the event a courtesy email will be sent to make sure everything is in place. Full payment must be made prior to the event and can be paid by cheque, BACS or cash; if payment is to be made on the day of the event, it will need to be paid at the start of the evening and cheques will not be accepted from new clients on the day of the event.

There is no minimum or maximum time period; once a booking is confirmed Roberto will not take another booking on that date so dates are available subject to bookings having been confirmed. On occasions, last minute bookings are available and on others clients will book up 18 months in advance.
Roberto is an international mind-reader who performs all over the UK and abroad. He has worked his magic in the US and Europe.
Roberto has performed at venues of capacity of around 500 people. The number of people depends on whether the performance is stage, parlour (e.g.dinner parties) or close-up type magic. For private functions with mix and mingle type magic or walk around during and after meals, a good rule of thumb is one magician per 100 people. Roberto will advise you once you know the format of your event. Roberto can also recommend other top-class event entertainers such as ventriloquists, mime-artists, comedians, caricaturists, DJs and other speciality acts.
A. Most organisers will book Roberto for 2hrs for a ‘typical’ close-up or mix and mingle functions. Shows vary between one or two 45 minute sets which can be adjusted in length to fit in with other things happening at the event; some wedding organisers ask Roberto to entertain day and evening guests, in which case a booking may be for up to six or seven hours.
Roberto is flexible in terms of times of performance once bookings are confirmed. You can liaise with him and confirm timings once you know the schedule you are working to. Should other bookings coincide with your date, you will be informed with plenty of notice that you have priority of the time slot required and the second booking will need to be made around your function.
Yes. A 20% deposit is required from new clients in order to secure the booking.
For all media & press related questions, appearances or interviews please contact Roberto directly. Roberto is available for Television, Theatre & Radio appearances, along with press interviews.
Roberto’s close-up mix-and-mingle performances are flexible and could be performed at most venues; one factor that may need to be considered is ambient noise levels if there is a band or DJ at the venue and there is only the one room.

A Parlour type performance (e.g. small party guest numbers of between 5 and 20, all seated in one room) requires a small area for set uo table (which Roberto brings along) and space for equipment. For guest numbers over 50 people a raised platform would be preferred.

Roberto’s stage show ‘An Evening of Mystery’ is typically for larger events. The show requires a stage or raised platform, PA (amplified sound) system and basic lighting. Most venues have these already or equipment can be provided upon request.

Because of the psychological nature of Roberto’s main effects, he does not perform for children’s parties, although does the occasional effect for children present at his events.
To date Roberto has never been unable to fulfil an engagement, nor in fact been late for one. In the unfortunate scenario whereby a Roberto is unable to attend for any unforeseen circumstances (e.g. illness/accident), he will endeavour to find a replacement (time providing).
Booking lengths vary dependent upon a number of contributory factors such as type of event, numbers of people, room layouts. Normally people will book for a 2hr slot for a close-up gig, which can be extended on the evening at no extra cost to 3hrs. Stage shows are normally of fixed duration and can include one or two 45-minute sets.
The bride and groom are often keen for their guests to be entertained whilst photographs are being taken immediately after the wedding and as guests arrive at the reception. Once guests are seated, and depending upon the venue, it can be useful for Roberto to work the tables as guests are waiting their courses and between courses; this can also be beneficial to catering staff as it takes a little pressure off in terms of speed of service. A mix of magic and mind-reading after dinner whilst coffee is being consumed is a fine time for guests to be entertained. Consideration is also given sometimes to extend the magic for evening guests arriving after dinner, and in this case a small area can be set aside, to be used in conjunction with a mix and-mingle approach depending on venue size, number of rooms and the music (band or DJ) playing.
For a close-up performance there are no requirements needed from the client. For a stand-up or cabaret performance it is important that all of your guests are able to see and hear Roberto clearly so consideration needs to be given to seating arrangements and staging as required. For audiences of over 30 people, suitable staging (with access to and from the audience), lighting, microphone(s) and PA system will be required. If you or your venue cannot provide these things then please let Roberto know and we will help provide a solution.
Yes. Any professional that works in the public domain should have this and be able to prove so.
No. Elements of suggestion and psychological influence are used but never full hypnosis.
A close-up magician performs magic right in front of your eyes and usually within touching distance. Many clients are surprised at how strong an effect can be simply because it is done right there in front of them. Magic is much better live than on TV. The power of strong magic on your emotions is very strong when done ‘live’ and before your own eyes, dismissing the benefits of TV editing or stooging.
If booking a magician you do not know, the best thing to do is ask someone who has seen him live or obtain references from previous clients. If this is not possible, take a really good look through his web site; on you will see countless photo’s of Roberto performing live and also see many testimonials, including from members of the Royal Family. The photos clearly capture the delight, amazement and enjoyment of the clients.
There are numerous quotes and testimonials from many satisfied customers on Roberto’s Facebook site and website. He would also be happy to provide references so you can call and chat to existing customers.
Depending on his public event work schedule, it is possible that you can meet and see him perform before committing to a booking. Simply ask for dates for public performances and come along. Roberto regularly performs at the Magic Circle close-up shows and tickets for these events are available from the Magic Circle.
Magic is something that can engage people and bring a smile to their face; long after the party is over they will remember that feeling of astonishment and amazement. Roberto has worked with clients who remind him of effects he carried out years before. The magic memory lasts forever. It’s that sense of joy, that emotional hook, and that look of wonder that make mind reading a pleasure and enjoyment. The challenge is to develop effects and routines that can have impact.
You can call or text (07956 263348), email ( or Facebook Roberto – or simply send a tweet. Roberto endeavours to respond within 48 hours.
As with any profession, there is vast difference between costs. When comparing prices for magicians try and seek like for like, in terms of experience, skills, professionalism and membership to The Magic Circle; if everything compares well, costs will be quite similar; if they are not ask yourself why; if they are, try and meet potential magicians and discuss your event; you will soon decide whether he / she is someone you would like to entertain your guests at your special function.
The minimum you should expect to pay for hiring/booking an experienced professional magician should be from around £400 plus travel expenses. Whilst there are some fantastic amateur magicians who will work for much less, be mindful of magicians who will take the booking for much lower fees.
There are so many people performing magic, both amateur and professionally, and some equally good as each other. The type of magic these people perform, and in fact the ‘tricks’ or effects, can be quite similar – but the way they are performed, the way you and your guests are engaged, and the subsequent experience you get from your magician really does depend upon the level of professionalism you hire. Our advice is to hire the best you can afford, and someone who comes recommended. If you cannot afford to hire a professional magician and your event is really special, maybe leave the magic for that occasion rather than hire a poor magician.
Yes. You can consider customizing the magic to incorporate your company logos and/or special messages you wish to give to your own clients/guests. Be mindful for customized products on lead-time for manufacture.
There is a certain perception of magicians and what magicians do; this perception tends to veer on the negative side and can be seen as ‘tacky’ for guests even before the magician arrives. Sometimes it’s best not to say that there is a special guest there…. However Roberto refers to himself a mind-reader who focuses on contemporary adult magic with an emphasis on psychological magic. Simply, if you want to name it call it Mind-Reading.

I will read your mind

I’ve studied psychology and human behaviour all my life and am fascinated by how our minds work. Fusing this passion with my passion for magic, I will demonstrate quite incredible feats which will leave you and your guests mesmerised, astounded and amused.

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